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Gencer Savas Band is a project established in 2009 by Gencer Savas.The band play a kind of music which is a mix of Turkish Folk, Arabesk, Latin, Indian,Balkania and Jazz.


The band has a wide range of instruments used which are included Turkish native instruments such as Davul, Zurna; brass section and different percussions of different culture.

Percussion instruments include both brazilian batucada drums, anatolian and cuba latin percussions.
Besides of the orchestral performance on the stage , it takes the stage in brassband style as a mobile.
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6. Başlık

The Band takes the stage aproximately more than hunderds in a year for events such as wedding party, festivals, celebrations and etc. And shares stage with famous singers.

Gencer Savas also has many projects includes DJ-Percussion show with led drums, percussion workshops, wedding orchestra, brass band, lebanese zaffe show, water drums and recycled percussion shoe and jazz band.


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